We put ourselves in the place of your clients to help you offer a comprehensive, efficient service that saves you costs to optimize budgets. At NeoCheck we invest continuously in development and research for you, protecting access to information in compliance with the RGPD.

Our partners count on us for: the reliability of our solutions, the simplicity achieved in the optimization of processes, the usability of our tools and the effectiveness of our support and development teams.

How do we help you?

  • We accompany you to consolidate leads

  • Simplicity and comfort for your client

  • Increase your profitability and timings

You are interested in being our partner if you are…

We associate with relevant companies (by size, scope or cutting edge technology) of each sector to deliver an effective service in identity verification. Our partners take advantage of NeoCheck’s platform, support and expertise to obtain a single, complete, fast and simple service to cover identity authentication.

We have an indirect relationship to maintain a great commitment in the Partners ecosystem. Our goal is to support partners so that they can expand their portfolio and extend a solution to more customers with added value in the product, being simple and effective.





Some of our partners

Do not miss the opportunity by staying behind in this new era of digital identity. We provide you with technology.

If you want to enroll in the partner program, you can request your membership by filling out the following form. One of our advisors will contact you as soon as possible.

If on the other hand you already have your username and password, you can access directly through the following link: