The fastest and most innovative solution to authorize the entry of passengers to any transport

Who is this solution for?

The urban mobility and passenger transport sector worldwide is experiencing a stage of digital transformation. Passengers demand new systems that improve travel times and their customer experience. NeoCheck’s Onboarding with Facial Recognition solution allows access to different means of transport without exchanging cash or the need for transport cards or tickets. Users only need their face to use:

  • Urban transport companies: bus, metro, tram, train.
  • Motosharing and carsharing companies.
  • Long-distance transport companies: bus, train.
  • Airports, ports and metro stations, trains, suburbs.
  • Cruise companies.

In short, for any company that usually has significant passenger traffic and needs to reduce access times to the means of transport.

Advantages of the solution

NeoCheck’s Onboarding with Facial Recognition solution for the mobility sector is designed to be integrated easily and quickly, thanks to our SDKs with multiplatform modular components.

The facial recognition system has multiple advantages:

  • Increase inbound flow by checking the fast ticket.
  • 100% touchless which increases hygiene in the process.
  • Scalable to fit demands in both complexity (security) and size (number of transactions).
  • Complies with the GDPR regulations with the maximum data protection, privacy and security for users.
  • Flexible, adapting the solution and being able to customize according to the customer’s needs.

Solution keys

Onboarding process

The passenger registers through their company’s website or mobile application. If desired, it can also be done on-site by installing kiosk at some bus stops or stations.

In the Onboarding process, the client must take photos of:

  • Your identification document
  • The bank card to which you want to associate the payments
  • His face

The average duration of this whole process is 40 seconds and the verification of the documents is instantaneous.

The NeoCheck verification system is made up of a cloistered totem in the vehicle with reinforcing glass to facilitate collation. In the case of an urban means of transport such as a bus or tram, it could be placed on the traditional ticket validation system, remaining at the ideal height for comparison.

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