At NeoCheck® we make sure that a person is who they claim to be. We check that the documentation is valid, that the bearer is the legitimate owner and that he is qualified to perform the actions we want to facilitate. For example, in the case of opening a bank account, that the person is not on the list of defaulters; or in case of car rental, if the person is well registered in the system and has no outstanding debts.

Each sector has specific problems, as well as different ways of solving them. The number of transactions required, the legal or cultural environment, the risks and costs associated with these that the organization is assuming, budget limits, etc. These factors will influence the search for the right solution for each problem. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


The eye image is taken directly from one of the sub divisions of the CASIA-irisV3 database.

Irises are detected even when there are obstructions to the image, visual noise and / or different levels of illumination. The obstructions of the illumination reflections, the eyelids and the eyelashes are eliminated. Images with half-closed eyelids or eyes that look the other way are also accepted.

  • Capture – The eye image is taken directly from one of the sub divisions of the CASIA-irisV3 database.

  • SegmentationThe detection of edges of the image is performed, the pupil and iris circles are identified, and the segmentation of the eyelids to isolate the lashes.

  • Feature extraction It is coded to generate the bit template that will represent each of the iris images.

  • Comparator – To find matches, an algorithm is used that calculates the Hamming distance between two templates as a measure of recognition.


The detection and correction of automatic interlacing results in the highest quality of the iris feature templates from iris images in motion.

The eye look is correctly detected in the images, they are segmented and transformed as if they looked directly at the camera.

  • Perfect circles fail: NeoCheck uses models of active shapes that more accurately model the contours of the eye, since the boundaries of the iris are not modeled by perfect circles.

  • The centers of the inner and outer limits of the iris are different.

  • The limits of the iris are definitely not circles or even ellipses and especially in iris images that stare.

  • Iris is partially occluded by the eyelids.


Iris matching is a process in which an iris can be identified by evaluating its biometric characteristics and comparing them with another.

  • 1:1 Verification of the match between a document and a person.

  • 1 to N, identification and search of a person to N.

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In NeoCheck® we strive to satisfy all the needs of our customers in terms of Document Verification and Biometric Identification. From web-based solutions, mobile applications to specialized components (we have our own research and development team). And of course, we try to deploy the most advanced and flexible technology at affordable prices, as well as providing them with the best support. Therefore, we regularly organize online courses and workshops related to the world we know best: Document and ID Verification.