Yes, we are offering FREE eIDAS Electronic Signature. We are aware of the impact that COVID-19 is having on the business world. Therefore, we decided, together with our partner Validated ID, to offer Electronic Signatures for FREE to all professionals who need to continue with their responsibilities until the sanitary crisis is over.

What are the benefits of FREE eIDAS Electronic Signature? With our Electronic Signature we help you grow faster and close deals that previously took days or weeks. As a result, say goodbye to printing, signing, scanning and sending too many emails. Our Electronic Signatures works without installing anything on your computer. In other words, starting today, signing an online PDF is faster and more secure. You only have to upload the document, enter the data of the signer (Name, Surname, ID, Email and Telephone). After that, receive the document on your computer, tablet or smartphone. That easy!

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    Do you know how it works?

    The Electronic Signature is the best instrument for companies that want to streamline processes that usually require several steps to formalize. In addition, it enables the automation of a secure evidence collection system.

    It does not require any installation or previous knowledge. Of course, to guarantee security, we always carry out a double validation via email and OTP (One Time Password) to the signer’s smartphone with which you can secure your identity.

    The process of sending, receiving and approving documents is streamlined, managing to maximize profit and reduce costs. Furthermore, the firm is insured for a legal evaluation.

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