We avoid identity theft using face biometrics to authorize 100% touchless access

Who is this solution for?

NeoCheck’s FacePass® solution for facial recognition access control is ideal for those organizations that need to control accesses to large groups of individuals. It works in a fast and totally touches way. With the latest biometric technology combined with Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision. NeoCheck’s solution guarantees a safe and reliable Onboarding. Furthermore, the complete process is completed in less than 30 seconds (the first time the system is used) and a facial recognition verification in less than 200 milliseconds (each time it is accessed).

Motorized access corridors
Electronic doors or means of transportation

Do you need advanced capabilities?

NeoCheck’s FacePass® solution for facial recognition access control can be complemented with advanced capabilities. In one hand, by a thermal fever detection camera. And, in the other hand, a software capable of identifying whether individuals are properly equipped. With the COVID19 crisis, they have begun to be implanted in nursing homes and care centers.

To sum up, it is an Access Control system with triple security:

Facial Recognition

Guarantees the identity of the person who intends to access the facilities that we want to protect

Thermal camera

Authorizes entry only to people who do not have fever

Mask detection

Detects if individuals access with masks, without losing effectiveness in facial recognition

Main advantages

The advantages of using this tool are evident. From the minimization of the risk of penalties, to the reduction in insurance costs. Additionally, this tool has more advantages:

  • Scalability: scalable solutions to meet demands in both complexity (security) and size (number of transactions).
  • Customer control of data: Each customer gets their own dedicated and fully secure instances to maximize data protection and privacy.
  • Flexibility: easily adapts to regional KYC and data privacy regulations.

Phases of the solution

We incorporate the identity of the user to our database. It can be done online by inserting a plugin on its website, which downloads an app created to suit you when the browser is not compatible. Likewise, it can be done through the use of a totem or wall touch screen that provides the same simple flow. It can be used on site.

When a registered user approaches the access door, it recognizes their facial features. After that, it matches their credentials against a checklist. As a result, it allows them to enter or exit. Consequently, this let us know the capacity of each building and / or stay at all times.

It is similar to the previous one. But as an initial step, a self-generated QR must be displayed in the application or corporate website. So it changes every few seconds and increases security by allowing a double factor of real-time authentication. Designed for secure corporate environments and critical facilities.

It includes a web portal that allows the company to control all the information generated by the system. This includes the possibility of connecting several locations to each other as if it were a single entity.

To know more

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