Después de trabajar durante más de una década en el sector público de verificación de identidad, NeoCheck® facilita a los casinos la tecnología biométrica y documental que necesitan para cumplimiento normativo, control de accesos y fidelización.

Our development based on Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, helps casinos to verify the identity of their clients; While we comply with gambling laws and the RGPD.

We comply with the regulations:

  • Gambling law 13/2011
  • Check against Control Lists:
    • Gamblers
    • Minors
    • Defaulters
    • Internal lists
  • Cumply with the RGPD

Gambling solutions

The General Direction of Gambling has amended Law 13/2011 on the Regulation of Gambling in order to strengthen the protection of players, control over their identity and fight against fraud and money laundering.

To play, the identity of the user must be verified with a record that expands the fields that allow tracing who, how and where to access the online platforms. Now it is mandatory to uniquely identify the player and trace his connection: IP from which he connects, type of device and even the ID of the mobile, computer, tablet or machine from which the bet happens.

The objective, according to the Regulation, is to prevent the identity impersonation by minors and in the collection of prizes for the treasury.

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In NeoCheck® we strive to satisfy all the needs of our customers in terms of Document Verification and Biometric Identification. From web-based solutions, mobile applications to specialized components (we have our own research and development team). And of course, we try to deploy the most advanced and flexible technology at affordable prices, as well as providing them with the best support. Therefore, we regularly organize online courses and workshops related to the world we know best: Document and ID Verification.