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In NeoCheck we manage to make the complicated simple. Reinventing the wheel is not usually a good strategy that is effective and profitable, therefore, we offer two solutions: use licensed components specialized in a specific task or outsource the complete service.

In the first case we offer our set of SDKs with the multiplatform modular components that are required:

Manage cameras and make face comparisons.
Capture, digitize, extract and compare fingerprints.
It detects the iris of the eyes even with bad lighting.
Signatures captured with (or not) pressure and velocity trace.

For the second case we provide an API for ID check that also has several levels of complexity. This process is guided for the convenience of the client: from the verification of online documents to the management of the complete process of enrollment as a private label. Our API allows users to:

  • Recognize and verify automatically the ID documents that you send us as images.
    • Detect fraud.
    • Capture the sample documents.
    • Locate the expired documents.
  • Perform biometric checks (Face Matching) between the photo of the holder’s document and an existing photo.
  • Check the information against checklists.
  • Scan directly through the web.
  • Integrate an iframe with our plugin on your own web page.
  • Manage the backoffice of users and transactions.

“The police can’t protect consumers. People need to be more aware and educated about identity theft. You need to be a little bit wiser, a little bit smarter and there’s nothing wrong with being skeptical. We live in a time when if you make it easy for someone to steal from you, someone will.”


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In NeoCheck® we strive to satisfy all the needs of our customers in terms of Document Verification and Biometric Identification. From web-based solutions, mobile applications to specialized components (we have our own research and development team). And of course, we try to deploy the most advanced and flexible technology at affordable prices, as well as providing them with the best support. Therefore, we regularly organize online courses and workshops related to the world we know best: Document and ID Verification.