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The purpose of this SDK is to provide functionality to manage the fingerprint treatment. It offers a quality control according to the NIST (FBI Certified) and integrates in a simple way the scanners of fingerprints, both individual and 4-4-2 or even based on image (mobile) of the main manufacturers. The SDK has a high level API that offers operability for online operations.


The process starts with a fingerprint scanner connected to the computer. Fingerprints are extracted as images for processing. This capture process can be performed for an isolated fingerprint (1 fingerprint scanner) or for several fingerprints at the same time (fingerprint scanner 4-4-2). In both cases, a fingerprint positioning sequence is provided to guarantee an adequate capture.

  • Simple FootprintCapture a footprint

  • 442 – Capture four fingerprints at the same time and extract them individually

  • MobileUsed in access control or verification.

Processing – Minutiae Extraction

We detect a fingerprint by evaluating the captured image; in case of multiple fingerprints, a segmentation procedure is performed. The extraction phase identifies the position of the finger and extracts the most relevant characteristics of the fingerprints; as they can be, minutiae, nuclei and deltas with a high degree of sharpness and quality even when the fingerprint is rotated.


To assess that a fingerprint complies with the NFIQ (NIST Fingerprint Image Quality) standard, we rely on the FingerPrints QA engine results. The NFIQ 1,2,3 and 4 values ​​denote an acceptable quality and can be used for the comparison of fingerprints in practice; 5 would correspond to a bad image that should be rejected that is not recommended to register for biometric purposes. That’s when the comparator comes into play:

  • 1:1 Verification that two fingerprints presented match.

  • 1 to N Identification of a person in a fingerprint database (AFIS).

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