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NeoBlock is a platform that provides traceability, authenticity and data integrity solutions through Blockchain technology. This is essentially a record of digital events that is “distributed”, which in our context means that it is shared between many different parties. This record can only be updated based on the consensus of the majority of participants in the system and, once entered, the information can never be deleted.

Blockchain is therefore an immutable and permanent record. A database that only allows writing. You can not modify or delete any of it, just add, and all this under “democratic” consensus.

Therefore, this technology revolutionizes all areas that involve numerous transactions on the Internet, where the probability of cheating the system until now was very high.


Blockchain allows to increase transparency in the monitoring of production chains, mitigating the manipulation of data during the processing and transfer of physical goods between suppliers, among which there is no inherent trust. This technology provides process control and safe monitoring.

Example: Food Industry

In the case of food industry, it allows us to register with an immutable time stamp both the origin of the product, all the distribution steps and relevant dates (birth, death, processing, expiration, storage and shipping temperatures).

Both the final and the intermediate customers value and appreciate the transparency in the sanitary control of this type of products.

Esquema verificación integridad datos


NeoBlock uses Blockchain technology through Alastria, an intersectoral consortium that operates as a non-profit association. Alastria promotes digital economy through the development of decentralized registration technologies. It has ben created by the main banking, energy and telecommunications companies in Spain, becoming the world’s first regulated national network based on Blockchain.

Esquema creación transacción Blockchain

How does it work?

NeoCheck has created its own node in this permissible private network, from which the operations are developed. That is how the information is validated by the rest of the nodes of the network through a consensus algorithm. Once the transactions have been confirmed by the rest of the nodes, they are included in the blockchain, being recorded unchanged by cryptographic means. As a result, all the data contained in the transaction has the guarantee of authenticity and integrity.

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