After working for more than a decade on document verification, NeoCheck® helps car and home rental companies to reduce unnecessary claims, legal costs, damage to assets and a long list of potential problems.

Our development based on Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, helps the public administration to verify the identity of its clients, while improving your conversion rates opening new accounts.

We reduce your fraud level:

  • 74% of companies in the EU have been affected.
  • 5.8 billion dollars lost per year due to identity fraud.
  • Avoid indebted clients and guarantee the collection of the service.

In addition, all our procedures comply with the GDPR regulations.

Renting solutions

Car rental companies are an important target for crime and identity fraud. Rental companies have a great need to verify the real identity of their users to avoid problems when claiming accident damages to insurance companies, issuing passages to users, credit card payments, etc. Failure to verify the identity of the person renting the car or a house could result in an expensive and dangerous outcome.

NeoCheck provides a global verification of the identity document. It includes advanced chip reading and verification technology, as well as, fast processing for high traffic locations. This solution allows our forensic experts to mark the details that the human eye can not capture. In addition to detect sophisticated fraudulent identification documents.

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