Health is a sector of constant online data, from medical records to insurance forms, prescription drug services…

Our development based on Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, serves to help the health entities verify the identity of its patients.

We reduce your fraud level:

  • 10% of healthcare expenses are due to fraud.
  • Medical fraud has an annual cost between 90 billion and 210 billion dollars.
  • Avoid endangering human lives with good safety control.

Health solutions

Fraud in the context of health care has a direct negative impact on human life, causing delays and affecting people’s lives who do not receive their medical care when they need it.

In Spain, fraud to health insurers amounted to 31 million euros last year, 0.43% of claims. Which implies that fraud to health insurers accounted for 5.76% of the total fraud to Spanish insurance companies during that year. Experts consider it necessary to resort to a fraud control model that integrates the prevention and detection of this in the front-end of the process and that applies controls throughout the process. This solution allows our forensic experts to mark the details that the human eye can not capture and detect sophisticated fraudulent identification documents with accuracy.

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