NeoCheck Mobile

The NeoCheck® mobile solution allows verification both online and offline. Simple, fast, anytime and anywhere.

Why choose us

Fast and simple process

It is a process that starts with capture of the document image to be verified or compare with the person you claim to be.
The reference of the previously scanned document is taken.
Is the person who claims to be? Is the document valid and in force to perform the operation in question? This document is examined and verified.
To know if the person is who they claim to be, we make a facial recognition, in which we take an image with the camera.
It is examined that corresponds to the security control.
Finally, a report of the analyzed data is obtained.

Mobile App

We know that immersing yourself in the digital era is not easy:
distrust and insecurity are some of the symptoms that
are shown. Therefore, the mobile application of NeoCheck®
authenticate each mobile device for a secure download
deploying a reliable service on a large scale.
Implement and connect safely,
easy and immediate your mobile services.

Video Identification

It is a guided system through the mobile application with the following steps:

  1. You must say your full name and document number while looking in front of the camera.
  2. Show your document on both sides.