Identity theft is a big problem for mobile operators who are unable to collect outstanding bills or recover assets that were delivered on credit.

Our development based on Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, helps mobile operators verify the identity of their customers, while improving your relationship with customers.

We reduce your level of fraud:

  • 74% of companies in the EU have been affected.
  • 1 trillion euros in online losses.
  • 5.8 billion dollars lost per year due to identity fraud.
  • Lifeness detection.
  • We save time without losing customers.

Solutions for Mobile Operators

Mobile operators using NeoCheck have a more robust and reliable customer database that will result in great savings and higher quality of delivery. NeoCheck is easily used by the entire sales team without the need for costly and difficult integrations.

Not verifying the identity of the person who acquires the mobile phone service could end up in a costly and dangerous result. NeoCheck provides a global verification of the identity document. It includes advanced chip reading and verification technology as well as fast processing for high traffic locations. This solution allows our forensic experts to mark the details that the human eye can not capture. In addition to detect sophisticated fraudulent identification documents.

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