Both in public or private organizations, people’s displacement always brings identity-related problems. Border control, access to restricted areas, access control and absences from work are some examples of the great need for identity verification for access control.

Our development based on Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, verifies the identity of your customers, while improving your conversion rates for opening new accounts.

Save time and money:

  • Less than 60 seconds per transaction.
  • Wide acceptance among customers who convert 25% more.
  • Operational from minute one.
  • Immediate integration in your system.
  • Different APIs and SDKs available.

All our solutions and processes comply with the directives of SEPBLAC, KYC (Know Your Customer), AML (Anti Money Laundering) and GDPR (Data Protection).

Solutions for companies

NeoCheck uses a multi-layered process to access a large database with millions of registered users in the public administration. The identity validation is made instantly. At the same time, we provide predictive and intelligent information about that identity. This allows you to make faster, smarter decisions about what to do next: approve, reject or escalate.

Identify your customers digitally, anytime, anywhere, through web or app.

Image Analysis, Machine Learning, Facial Recognition, Liveness Detection, will do the rest. Apply business rules and custom flows from the onboarding process, and use automated systems to ensure secure identity in accordance with current regulations.

To know more

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Find out what can we do for you

In NeoCheck® we strive to satisfy all the needs of our customers in terms of Document Verification and Biometric Identification. From web-based solutions, mobile applications to specialized components (we have our own research and development team). And of course, we try to deploy the most advanced and flexible technology at affordable prices, as well as providing them with the best support. Therefore, we regularly organize online courses and workshops related to the world we know best: Document and ID Verification.