To help with the familiarization with the documentary verification process, we have prepared a typical example with which the ease of use of the platform can be assessed. We want our customers to see for themselves the power and reliability of NeoCheck.

The first step is to acquire the images of an identity document or travel. In the example we will use a Spanish DNI of 2015 because it has all the relevant security measures for our use case:

  • Verification of data format (analysis of MRZ and its control digits).
  • Verification of chip integrity (BAC + PA + CA + TA + EAC / PACE).
  • Collation between different sources (MRZ vs. OCR vs. Chip).
  • Comparison of different security measures and patterns in both IR + UV + Visual.
  • Light Verification of the integrity of the person with the document.
  • Checking available actions against checklists (lists of defaulters … personnel in search and capture, etc.)